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Comprehensive Pre-Employment Background Checks

Background Checks, delivered by experienced investigators, can help Human Resources managers hire the right person for the job. Backed by our robust Employment Screening software, our screening specialists will work with you to verify applicant information and ensure you remain in legal compliance.

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employment screening services

Streamline the Employment Screening Process.

Employment Screening system featuring integrated solutions to help HR teams improve efficiency in the hiring process.

Applicant Invites

A candidate interface that is accessible across all devices eliminates a lot of the paperwork and data entry involved in the hiring process.

I-9 / E-Verify

I-9 / E-verify integration allows the applicant to fill out the required paperwork and have everything ready on their first day.

Notice & Consent

The system conveniently autofills Notice & Consent and other relevant forms from the information entered by your applicant.

Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking data to evaluate your processes, identify roadblocks, and generate reports to track your applicant’s progress.

Integrated Data

Basic integration with HRIS / Payroll vendors provides additional cost-savings where information can easily flow between systems.

Docs & Forms

Essential compliance documents such as Adverse Action notices are built into the system or available to download directly.

Easy Interface + Powerful Integrations.

  • A good Applicant Invitation process is essential to improve your employment screening. How you interface with your candidates goes a long way to how they perceive your company. Our seamless, efficient Applicant Quick Invite helps you promote your company to prospective employees in a positive way. Some basic features are:

    • Applicant invite & reminders
    • Applicant management
    • Applicant onboarding
    • Customizable email templates
    • Document uploads
    • Track the applicant
    • Schedule emails to the applicant
    • Monitor the process
    • Review applicant entries in draft form
    • Get insight into AKAs and associated counties
    Find out more about Applicant Invite / Tracking features in our simple solutions demo.
  • I-9 is required for all employees, so why not use our electronic version? E-Verify is an additional verification layer that will help employers maintain a legal workplace. Our employment screening system will capture all of the necessary information needed for E-Verify and will automatically submit it upon completion of the required I-9.

    • One-click I-9 setup
    • Electronically submitted
    • Applicant is ready on day one
    • Integrated with optional E-Verify
    • Maintain a legal workplace
    • Compliant PDF I-9 form to store electronically or print and file
    Find out more about I-9 / E-Verify features in our simple solutions demo.
  • Adverse Action notices are built into the screening software. You simply download them with the completed report and either mail or email them to your candidate. Many useful documents are either built into the employment screening system or available to download.

    • Pre-formatted Adverse Action letters
    • Download or print from order
    • Email or send via USPS
    • Document library with samples
    • Most current FCRA summary
    • System Manuals / Instructions
    • Notice & Consent forms
    • Specific state forms
    Find out more about Adverse Action notification features in our simple solutions demo.
  • Our convenient, fully-automated employment screening system is available around the clock from your device of choice. Every order you place is monitored by our team of professional screening specialists for quality control, to ensure you get the most accurate information as quickly as possible. No call centers; no online ticket system. A member of our team will answer your call and provide direct support during business hours M-F.

    • Background researchers thoroughly review and verify each order
    • Attention to detail and compliance awareness is key
    • Call to speak directly to a researcher, not a call center or operator
    • Integrated tool tips throughout the ordering process
    Find out more in our simple solutions demo.
  • Customized and compliant, every order you place is monitored by our team for quality control. We will work with you to tailor research based on your employment screening needs.

    • No minimum orders, no monthly fees
    • Control the breadth of the report and monitor cost in real-time
    • Quick view and downloadable CSV billing reports
    • Invoice archive
    Find out more in our simple solutions demo.

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Improve your profitability by reducing employee turnover, training costs, workers' compensation and medical claims, employee theft, and legal fees.

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CIC is your Single Source Solution for Business and Employment Needs.

Corporate Intelligence Consultants partners with Human Resources professionals and business owners to provide them with customized employment background checks and drug screening programs that work for them. Our goal is to provide innovative ways to conduct background checks to help streamline hiring processes and keep them in compliance with the myriad of laws that govern employment and background screening.

Our employment screening software allows you to make background check requests, review reports and track applicants at your convenience while enjoying quick turnaround of results. Our experienced investigators will work with you to tailor research based on your needs and keep you compliant with the FCRA and other applicable state and local laws, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.